Think you have what it takes to compete? Auditions take place each year in April!

Auditions are by invitation only – Please contact Ms. Cheryl for more information!


Turn It Around 2017

Starbound 2017

Makayla and Kiana show off!
Sometimes you need a nap
Our team loves to get together for fun outside of dance
Such a sweet time with friends!
Thanks for all you do, Team Parents!!

Hype 2017

Audrie is very Confident!
Aspen shows off for her solo!
Kiana is ready to make some Big Noise
We had a very little guest in Miss Ava give us some love on stage!
The whole gorgeous team!
Good looking girls!
This trophy is HUGE! Bigger than our smallest team member
Jessica and Savanna look stunning for their individual numbers
Lots of these competitions have waiting

Fusion 2017

Emilia, Leila, and Salem in Reflection
Aspen, Audrie, and Kaylan in Wonderful World
Makayla, Jessica, Savanna, and Kiana in Ay Carumba
Kaylan, Aspen, Leila, and Audrie in Boyfriend's Back
Jessica and Savanna in Brave
Kiana, Makayla, and Jessica in Camille, Colette, Fifi
Audrie and Ms. Maria before her solo Confident
Aspen and Ms. Cheryl before her solo, Supermodel.
Kiana with Ms. Cheryl before Big Noise
The whole team in Valley Girls
Wait, let me take a selfie.
These girls are photogenic!!
Look at all those plaques!!